Oakfield Surgery

Oakfield Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 1LJ

Friends of Oakfield Surgery

Summer 2015 Newsletter


There have been a few changes of staff since our Autumn Newsletter.

Jenny, our Practice Nurse, has retired and been replaced by Shireen.
Denise has taken further training and has become our Health Care Assistant.

Our team of receptionists is now complete and is an asset to the Surgery.

Another G.P. Registrar, Dr. Edwina Ewart will be starting with us in August.


Hopefully all patients attending recently will have been impressed with the new power-assisted front door. No longer will we suffer from cold draughts when the strong winds prevent the door from closing!

The old Health Visitors’ Room has been converted into another doctor’s consulting room.

The Doppler Machine has now arrived, although the Friends are still fund-raising to cover its cost. Both our Nurse and Health Care Assistant have been trained to use this machine (which measures blood circulation) so it will save patients having to go to hospital for the procedure.

Within the next few weeks you will find a “Surgery Pod” has been installed in the Waiting Room. This will enable patients to pop in and check their blood pressure and weight as well as answering a few questions, thus saving the need to see a doctor.


Following a survey during December 2014, the report from the Care Quality Commission has now been received. All suggestions and recommendations have been noted and are being brought into practice.

Patients wishing to see a copy of the report should speak to our Practice Manager, Kate Carty, or read it on our website – Oakfieldsurgery.co.uk.


Our Surgery is open Mondays to Fridays 8 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. but is closed daily between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

The Surgery will also be closed on the following afternoons to enable staff training:
Wednesday 13th May
Thursday 18th June
Tuesday 14th July
Wednesday 9th September
Thursday 15th October
Wednesday 11th November.

If you need urgent care during the hours the Surgery is closed, please dial 111. This service is provided by the NHS and ensures you are able to obtain the correct advice/care you may require. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and phone calls are free.


If you wish to make an appointment, please telephone Aylesbury 428486. However, there are occasions when a short telephone conversation with a doctor will suffice. In this case, please telephone Aylesbury 423797 and ask the receptionist to request the doctor to call you back (at a time when he/she is free). You will need to give the receptionist a brief description of your query.


We have five unsold tickets for the current year. If you would like to join in this lottery, please give your name and telephone number to a member of the Reception staff and our Treasurer, Mrs. Ruth Patterson, will get in touch with you. The year actually runs from December to November so these available tickets will cost £6 for the six months to the end of November.

Once a month we draw lucky tickets, with the help of patients who are in the Waiting Room at the time. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of tickets is given in prizes and the rest goes into the Friends of Oakfield funds. At the moment we are still raising money to cover the cost of the Doppler Machine.

Prizes are as follows:
1 prize of £30 per month
1 prize of £50 in addition to the monthly £30, is paid quarterly in February, May, August and November
1 prize of £120 as an extra draw at Christmas in addition to the usual monthly £30 prize.


If you enjoy reading, do have a look on the bookshelves at the rear of the Waiting Room. Paperbacks are 25p each; hardbacks are individually priced but seldom cost more than £2.

As well as books, we have an ever-changing range of jigsaws for sale, 500, 1000 and 2000 pieces. These are priced on average at 75p although if they are brand new the price can be as high as £2.50, but still much cheaper than in the shops.

Any books or jigsaws you no longer want, we would be grateful to receive to replenish our stocks. They can be handed in at Reception.